Estate Planning

Every one of us have an estate. An estate comprise of your car, home, real estate, bank accounts, investments, life insurance, personal possessions and everything you own. You have worked really hard to build this estate of yours but the hard fact is that you cannot take all this with you when you pass away. Hence you need to ensure that all your affairs are handled properly in future as well as take control how it is distributed to the people or organizations you care the most. To protect, preserve and manage estate during and post your life is what estate planning all about.

An estate planning is all about documenting and specifying how you want your money and valued possessions distributed, making it easier for your dependents to handle affairs when you are bed ridden or no longer around.

Estate planning helps in the following ways

  • Identify someone trustworthy to make decisions for you
  • Specify who will care for your surviving dependents if you are unable to do so
  • Minimize estate taxes and other taxes while transferring your estate
  • Help avoid the costs, delays of probate, transfer assets to your heirs
  • Minimize conflicts, confusion in your family while ensuring your desires regarding your estate precisely

Consult our estate planning professionals and get simplest answers to all your complicated questions:

  • What will happen to my wealth if I am bed ridden?
  • Who gets what when I'm gone?
  • Who will take care of the kids?
  • After my death does everything go to my spouse?
  • Do I have the right beneficiaries on my account?
  • How can I preserve money for the most suitable heirs?

If a proactive approach is not taken challenges can tie up your assets for months and may cost you a huge amount of money. Gain the assurance that all your wishes are carried out willingly here with us at Investmart.

Give your heirs the fastest access to your assets and protect the future for your loved ones!