Post Retirement Planning

Most of us envision retirement as a time having least of worries, a time to enjoy the fruits of labor. However, it is likely this rosy picture turns into a nasty financial shock.

Retirement is the period when your income stops, but your expenses remain constant. Collecting pension and provident fund money is winning half the battle. To gain the maximum out of these retirement benefits, there is an urgent need to plan the retirement savings in such a manner that it generates regular monthly income. This income should be sufficient to not only meet the daily expenses but should also cater to the special needs like achieving a life goal, meet the health care cost, beat inflation and maintain the same standard of living.

Professional advisors at Investmart design the portfolio in such a manner that it generates inflation adjusted returns (income). Taxation is a very important part of a Post Retirement Portfolio, as income in any form is taxable. Keeping this in mind we choose the options that are tax friendly in nature. We believe in putting our Retired clients at ease so that they can enjoy this second innings of their life by being stress free.

Post retirement dreams can turn into reality only when you start planning prudently. Opt for security while maintaining financial independence even in post-retirement years.