Today, India has been emerged as one of the fastest growing economies and also the most lucrative, long-term investment destinations. The recurrent fundamental changes in economy, government policies, outlook of business and industry during recent time, the markets have grown exceptionally and offering positive regulatory system for investors. According to the Foreign Exchange Management Act (Fema), 1999, "an NRI is a person resident outside India who is either a citizen of India or a person of Indian origin (PIO)."

Non Resident Indians or NRIs tend to look for investments in their home land as India due to many reasons like having a well-developed banking system, vibrant capital market, large consumer base and focus on infrastructural development. Furthermore, for lakhs of Indians working abroad and having families in India, these are indeed good times. A slight depreciation in the local currency fetches higher profit on conversion. There are plenty of benefits of investing in a developing nation such as India. However, many NRIs, face the dilemma of which investment option is the most suitable. If you are among those, we here at Investmart help you in addressing all your concerns related to NRI investments.

Services we offer for NRIs:

  • Assist in opening an NRE account with the funds repatriated into India
  • Help in getting KYC, depository and equity trading accounts
  • Discuss, identify investment objectives matching goals, priorities and risk profile
  • Consider a right mix of investment options, asset allocation across asset classes
  • Assist collecting investment proceeds, taxes, filing tax returns and maintain records

Financial planning by itself does not change whether it is resident Indian or Non-resident Indian (NRI). However, what changes is the complexity, process and issues while dealing with NRIs.