Equity/ Stock Market

Equity or stock are markets in which shares are issued and traded through exchanges or over the counter markets. Equity investing enlists as one of the oldest and most traditional ways to invest and add growth in an investment portfolio.

Here investors have an opportunity to own a slice of ownership in a company with the potential to obtain big gains on future performance. Equity investment have always beaten inflation and genuinely enhanced wealth of investors in a long run.

Investment in equity stocks when done with discipline, has given phenomenal returns in the long term horizon amongst all the other asset classes.

The more exposure you take, the higher profits you can expect. For investors who are saving for retirement and other long term commitments equity investments is a lucrative avenue for wealth creation.

Investors today are in dilemma when to invest, hold or sell, get help from experts in the field here at Investmart.

Benefits of investing in equities:

  • Widespread diversification
  • Capital appreciation
  • Liquidity
  • Professional management

Listed below are some of the guidelines we advice our clients:

  • Identify objectives in congruence to needs, life stages and goals
  • Diversify across 10 to 20 major economic/industry sectors.
  • Allocate equal amounts to each sector.
  • Stay abreast with company's performance by evaluating return on equity
  • Review the portfolio at least once in three months