Private Equity (PE)

Private equity as an asset class comprise equity securities, stocks in companies that cannot be publicly traded. Capital for private equity is raised to fund start-ups, make acquisitions and strengthen the balance sheet of SMEs going through business buyout. Private equity provides long term, committed share capital to help unquoted companies grow and succeed.

  • Long term nature removes short term market swings concern
  • Generate attractive returns
  • Portfolio diversification

Venture Capital Fund

Businesses that are looking forward to meet startup expenses, expand and reach quickly can invest in venture capital. Venture capital, a type of equity financing is raised to meet with funding needs of entrepreneurial companies irrespective of size, assets and stage of development.

Venture capital fund typically focuses on:

  • Startup, high-growth companies
  • Invests equity capital, rather than debt
  • Takes higher risks in exchange for potential higher returns
  • Has a longer investment horizon than traditional financing
  • Actively monitors portfolio companies via board participation, strategic marketing, governance, and capital structure