General Insurance

There are certain risks and unforeseen events in life such as illnesses, accident, damage to vehicle, burglary or natural calamities causing destruction of property which impacts our lives adversely.  General Insurance covers all your valuable assets such as home, auto, office, travel and so on. Simply stating, general insurance is insurance for anything other than human life.

General Insurance Types:

Motor: Every vehicle before being driven on roads must be compulsorily insured. The motor insurance policy represents a combined coverage of the vehicle including accessories, loss or damage to property or life and the third party coverage.

Motor insurance covers:

  • Accidental damage to your vehicle
  • Malicious damage to your vehicle
  • Personal accident
  • Medical expenses, to a limit
  • Loss of, or damage to, personal property carried in your vehicle, to a limit
  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition, lightening

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Traveling create memories of lifetime. However encountering unexpected events can turn your exciting journey less pleasurable. For an absolute sense of security and comprehensive coverage, the need of travel insurance cannot be underestimated.

Travel insurance covers:

  • Loss of baggage
  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Illnesses
  • Hospitalization
  • Flight delay
  • Trip cancellation
  • Lost or stolen luggage

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Health insurance is an insurance, which covers the financial loss arising out of poor health condition or due to permanent disability, which results in loss of income.

When it comes to spending for minor medical problems, most of us afford to do it. . However as far as paying for hospitalization as well as pre and post hospitalization expenses of major illness are concerned, we find difficulty in making both ends meet. Working longer hours to build career, frenetic social life all somewhere hints how much crucial it is to stay in pink of health.

Reasons why health insurance is the need of the hour?

Indian families face number of challenges, which are:

  • Soaring health care costs
  • Financial burden on sole breadwinner in a family
  • Increase in nuclear families aroused the need of long term and nursing care for senior citizens system
  • Active lifestyles, poor eating habits have enhanced the occurrence  of new diseases and health risks