Types of life insurance plans:

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs): Unit linked insurance plans or ULIPs are long term investment cum protection plans that gives investors convenience of investing while also providing the risk cover. In this type of insurance a part of premium goes into insurance cover and the remaining part is invested in either equity or debt as per the preference and risk appetite.

Such plans fulfils the triple purpose of life cover, wealth creation and tax savings, all bundled into one.

ULIPs has an investment mandate that allows policy holders an absolute freedom to shift assets freely between equities and debt. Types of funds available in a ULIP:

  • Equity funds
  • Income and bond funds
  • Cash funds
  • Balanced funds

What makes ULIPs a good investment?

  • Flexibility to switch between equity & debt
  • Lower recurring costs
  • Tax efficiency
  • High liquidity
  • Triple benefits (Life cover, wealth creation and tax saving)

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Child Plans

Just like every loving parent, you aspire to give your child the best things of the world. The best upbringing, clothes, education, life and a sound financial career. A future safe from all financial hardships that you may have experienced. A life insurance child plan is a combination of insurance to cover life risk and investment to meet the educational and marriage expenses.

Depending on the plan, Child insurance covers academic, extracurricular expenses and provide regular income to the family in case of an unfortunate demise of a parent.

Ensure a permanent smile on your child's face by investing in right insurance plan.

Retirement Plans

Increasing life expectancy, health care costs and lack of social security drives people towards retirement plans. It helps you get uninterrupted income even in your post retirement years.

The earlier you enter in such plans, the better it is for you as early entry generates a higher post retirement income at a lower cost.

Key Benefits:

  • Guaranteed corpus for retirement
  • Steady inflow of cash when you can no longer earn
  • Death benefit in case an immediate death of policyholder
  • Option of life cover
  • Flexibility
  • Tax benefits

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Term Plans:

Categorized as the most effective and affordable form of insurance, term insurance plans come with guaranteed benefits over a defined period of time at a very low premium.

Term life insurance plans ensures that your family receives a large lump sum amount called the sum assured in the unfortunate event of death of the policyholder. As affordable in nature, term insurance plans covers:

  • Cover short term debts and needs
  • Pay liabilities in case of death
  • Cover critical illness, accidental cover
  • Provide longer term protection to help family pay off a mortgage if any

Increase your life cover in a hassle free manner, buy term life insurance plan.

Money Back Plans

Money back policies are fixed term plans in which premium on the policy is paid till the end of the specified term or death of policy holder, whichever appear earlier. A typical money back policy lasts for 20 or 25 years and the sum paid periodically. Money back insurance plans make an ideal choice for risk averse individuals who wish to save through an insurance plan while maintaining liquidity throughout.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide a guaranteed regular income and security for the family
  • Help save at regular intervals
  • Regular payouts at specific intervals throughout the term
  • Enhanced death cover with additional payout on accidental death
  • Lump sum maturity addition
  • Earn bonuses from 1st year onwards
  • Additional protection through optional riders

Obtain a double benefit of guaranteed money back at regular intervals along with protection in case of an unforeseen eventuality.